Law, Laws, Lawyers

Law in general is a system of rules that exist on certain territory often a state territory, which are used to direct people’s behavior in the way that is the most suitable for the society in that certain territory. Persons who are living in that state/country are mandatory to act in the way determined by law, this phenomena is also known as obeying the law. Breaking the law means violating these rules or acting opposite of what is determined by law.

Rules that regulate certain matter and have the same subject of regulations are often contained in one or more laws.


These different terms have the same name and thus often confuse the people. Rules written in the same document or an act represent one law that has certain name, that name is common to all the institutes which are regulated in these document, this is why we have an document named Property law that regulates all the rules that are referring to property, what is the property, do foreigners can have property on the state’s territory and other conditions about buying and selling real estate. Like there is Property law, there is a Criminal law which determines under which conditions some behavior would be considered for a crime or felony, and determines the punishments for this criminal behavior, there is Family law and it is pretty clear which matter it regulates, Inheritance law, International law, Tax laws and many more.


When few of this documents are put together and they all regulate certain social relation, all the rules they cover are called Codifications. Code Civil is one of the most important and most popular codifications, it regulates civil relations and it was crafted in France in 1804, second important codification is surely Australian Code Civil from 1811. The both codifications had a ground in Codex Justinianus, the oldest codification of civil law that was crafted during the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian.


Giving legal advices and assisting and representing clients is the job for a professional, who is familiar with the concept of law and with the system of rules in the certain country. That professional is called lawyer. Lawyers are hired by the people who have to go to court, or want if they are the prosecutor to help them defend their rights.


Having an professional for a lawyer can make all the difference in court, the understanding basic legal concepts and knowledge of the law in general can be crucial for your position in court. Lawyer is not mandatory when you are going to court except under special circumstances, but it is desirable to have someone who knows what he is doing while defending or representing you in court.

Of course when you are already determined to hire a lawyer make sure you hire a good one. The qualities of a good lawyer are numerous, above everything else he/she has to be well educated and ready for appearance in court, aside from that he has to have certain strategy and impeccable skill.

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